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Commission guidance to support air cargo operation (26 maart 2020)


FIATA press release m.b.t. de noodzaak van behoud van luchtvracht:

“Over 185,000 passenger flights have been cancelled since the end of January in response to government travel restrictions. With this, vital cargo capacity has disappeared when it is most urgently needed in the fight against COVID-19. The world’s fleet of freighter aircraft has been mobilized to make up this capacity shortfall. Governments must take urgent measures to ensure that vital supply lines remain open, efficient and effective,”

FIATA also supports the IATA objective comments that governments must see air cargo as an essential part of the fight against COVID- 19 and future economic rebuild and take the following actions:

  • Exclude air cargo operations from any COVID-19-related travel restrictions, to ensure life-saving medical products can be transported without disruptions

  • Ensure that standardized measures are in place so that air cargo can continue to move around the world with minimal disruptions

  • Exempt air cargo crew members, who do not interact with the public, from 14-day quarantine requirements

  • Support temporary traffic rights for cargo operations where restrictions may apply

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