The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association

Model agreement - terms and conditions – SLA / forwarder-Haulier relationship

In order to be able to guarantee clear arrangements between Haulier and forwarder, FORWARD Belgium has drawn up model terms and conditions for the forwarder-haulier relationship.

It seems that in several occasions , the relationship with the haulier is insufficiently covered.

As not all forwarders want to enter into an extensive contract with their haulier, the following documents have been made available:

• A model SLA (Service Level Agreement) to be signed by both the forwarder and haulier, which mainly governs operational arrangements.

• A comprehensive model agreement to be signed by the forwarder and haulier to govern the (long-term) relationship between the two parties.

Model terms and conditions (general terms and conditions) to which the forwarder can refer in its contacts with the haulier. These model terms and conditions follow the opposability principle of general terms and conditions, as is the case with the Belgian Freight Forwarders Standard Trading Conditions. They can be used in addition to the General Belgian Freight Forwarders Standard Trading Conditions as part of the forwarder-haulier relationship.

Please note that the SLA and model agreement must be adapted to your specific needs and activities.

For additional information please contact the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.

The model contract and the SLA were drawn up in Dutch. The model terms and conditions are available in both Dutch and English.

You can download the documents here (At the moment there are some discussions with FEBETRA and TLV about this matter. As soon as an agreement has been reached, the following documents will be adapted and will be consultable by FORWARD Belgium members.):