The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association


Members of FORWARD Belgium have the opportunity to sit on one of our many committees and can thus help to shape the sector’s policy. This is the ideal way to contribute to a widely-supported community view and to exchange experiences with colleagues.

Composition of the committees:

  • Chairperson / Vice-Chairperson
  • FORWARD Belgium members (participation)
  • Members of Young FORWARD Belgium (throughput)

Purpose of the committees:

  • Regular meetings
  • Reporting to the FORWARD Belgium Board of Directors
  • Ad-hoc meetings in case of need
We warmly encourage all members of FORWARD Belgium to join one or more of our committees.

If you are interested in joining or being kept informed of one or more committees, please contact the FORWARD Belgium Secretariat

Below you can find an overview of the different committees.

Breakbulk Committee
The port of Antwerp is the most preferred port for shipping steel, project cargo, fruit, forest products and cars in Europe. The handling of breakbulk requires a product-specific approach: no shipment is identical. The Breakbulk Committee discusses topics that are important for service providers shipping a diverse range of cargo.
Frank De Fyn
ArcelorMittal Logistics Belgium NV

Topics discussed within the Breakbulk Committee:

  • Raising the importance of breakbulk in the Port of Antwerp
  • Follow-up dossier port labour
  • Training/Promotion
  • Regular liner shipping in Antwerp
  • Automation related to lashing material
  • Bulkchain – digital shipping permit
Maritime Transport Committee
The Maritime Transport Committee discusses maritime issues at the local, national, and international level. This committee also reviews the optimisation of relations/procedures with ships’ agents, terminals, transporters, etc., as well as discussing European and international maritime topics within CLECAT and FIATA.

Jens Roemer
a.Hartrodt (Belgium) NV

Topics discussed within the Maritime Transport Committee:

  • Demurrage/Detention
  • Blockchain/digital platforms
  • CTU Code Compliance & Awareness
  • Best Practices shipping lines – forwarders
  • Review Consortia block exemption
Digitalisation Committee 
Digitisation has a major impact on our sector. At FORWARD Belgium, we aim to keep a close eye on the digital evolutions concerning the implementation of our profession and which can simplify the lives of forwarders. Embracing digital developments can add specific value for forwarders.
John Kerkhof
Customs Support

Topics discussed within the Digitisation Committee:

  • NxtPort follow-up and integration – follow-up/development of use cases
  • Cybersecurity awareness
  • Digital transformation and innovation/training
  • Customs - simplifications
  • Compliance tool
  • FORWARD APP e-contracts
Young FORWARD Belgium Committee
Young FORWARD Belgium is a committee that informs, engages, and inspires young professionals in our sector. It offers young people the opportunity to make contact and exchange experiences, allowing them to further develop their professional network and knowledge. 

Cédric Peeters
Customs Support

Cynthia Clauwaert

Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Belgium NV

Nicolas Lens
Antwerp Cargo Movers BVBA

Topics discussed within the Young FORWARD Belgium Committee:

  • Current topics
  • Brainstorming on multimodality, customs, digitisation, sustainability, etc.
  • Organising various youth events
  • Incoterms 2020: main changes
  • Working in the port: how is this viewed by young people?
  • NxtPort
Customs Committee
Customs forms an essential part of the export, import and transit of goods, and is therefore always high priority at FORWARD Belgium. Experience is exchanged within the Customs Committee so that procedures can be adapted to reality, and we help in preparing the sector for the future.
Jef Hermans
Customs Support

Topics discussed within the Customs Committee:

  • Brexit
  • Implementation UCC
  • Penalty policy AAD&A
  • Cooperation agreement rollout
  • Direct representation
  • Control process customs – FASFC
  • Suspicious situations reporting point
Sustainability Committee 
Sustainable logistics will be an absolute priority in the coming years. Logistics service providers have an important responsibility in achieving climate objectives. The Sustainability Committee was set up to assist companies in this area. 
Anne De Beule
Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Belgium NV

Tia Meyvis
Ahlers Belgium NV

Topics discussed within the Sustainability Committee:

  • Lean and green for forwarders
  • GLEC Framework
  • Support for the sector/learning network
  • Sustainability Charter/sustainable development goals (SDGs)
External Relations Committee
Within the External Relations Committee, links are strengthened with various national, European, and international sector-linked organisations, including BITO, VBO, CLECAT, FIATA, etc. 
Marc Huybrechts
Canada NV

Topics discussed within the External Relations Committee:

  • Employers’ federation – JC 226 – CLA negotiations
  • Organising the FIATA congress 2021 Brussels
  • Follow-up of discussed topics within CLECAT, FIATA, etc
Legal Committee
The FORWARD Belgium Legal Committee focuses on legal developments within our industry.

Olivier Schoenmaeckers

Caroline Gubbi


Topics discussed within the Legal Committee:

  • Follow-up of current jurisprudence/legal doctrine
  • Follow-up of international developments
  • Discussing port procedures/port regulations
  • Claim prevention and settlement
  • GDPR
  • FORWARD Belgium Legal Quickscan rollout
  • In-house training
  • Customs liability
  • Insurance policies
  • Cargo insurance
  • Customs Compliance Tool
  • FORWARD e-contracts
Human Resources Committee
Staff turnover in the logistics sector is high, many vacancies remain unanswered and people are not getting the work done. With this Human Resources Committee, we wish to bring HR people together and give them the opportunity to exchange best practices with each other.


Topics discussed within the Human Resources Committee:

  • Sharing Best Practices
  • ...
    Intermodal Committee
    For years, FORWARD Belgium has been advocating the promotion of intermodal solutions in the logistics chain. When setting up multimodal applications, we often encounter a range of challenges. Through the Intermodal Committee, we contribute to the promotion and development of multimodal solutions. 
    Wim Gijbels
    H. Essers & Zonen Internationaal Transport NV

    Topics discussed within the Intermodal Committee:

    • Exchanging expertise on intermodal transport
    • Organising information sessions
    • Participation in the container barge project Port of Antwerp
    • Conversation partner intermodal cell Antwerp Port Authority
    • Barge consolidation
    • Next Mode of Transport
    • Digital solutions for intermodal transport