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Legal QuickScan


In our logistics sector there is a growing trend towards more prevention and greater legal certainty. We are increasingly confronted with far-reaching logistics contracts and general terms and conditions. The far-reaching liability of logistics service providers in the area of customs, VAT, etc. requires proper support.

As an interest group, FORWARD Belgium wants to support its members by offering a free legal QuickScan in which general terms and conditions and contracts are scrutinised. This allows us to whether you, as a company, are sufficiently covered against the risks that you face on a daily basis.

"The far-reaching liability of logistics service providers requires proper support.”


During this first general screening, we will have a personal discussion about:

  • Your legal status

  • Your use of general terms and conditions

  • Basic screening of your logistics contracts

  • Customs liability


  • Other specific questions you may have


In order to make this interview and visit as productive as possible, we request a number of documents in advance:

  • Your standard quotation used (if no standard quotation is available, you may also provide a sample e-mail in which you refer to the general terms and conditions).

  • If you use other conditions than the shipping conditions (e.g. global conditions), please provide a copy of these conditions.

  • If you want an initial screening to be done on a framework contract between you and your client, please provide a copy of this contracts.

Naturally, all information is treated with strict confidentiality.

We would be happy to arrange a visit to your company with you.

At the end of our visit, you will receive a report describing our findings and best practices.

Forward Legal

As a company, you can contact FORWARD LEGAL for:

  • In-house training courses

  • Dealing with claims

  • Extensive screening of your contracts

  • Drafting of legal clauses/contracts