The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association

Reporting a suspicious shipment / situation

Unfortunately, our industry is regularly confronted with fraudulent trade.

Logistics service providers are not only misused to smuggle in criminal goods; fiscal fraud, counterfeiting, trade in waste, undervaluation cases, etc. are also frequent occurrences.

Given the ingenuity of criminal organisations, it is not easy for a logistics service provider to spot suspicious shipments. We also note that these rogue companies often ‘shop around’ among the various logistics service providers until they find a victim.

Based on the idea that you can achieve more together, FORWARD Belgium is starting an anonymous reporting point for its members.

FORWARD Belgium members can report suspicious situations/shipments via this reporting point and member companies are kept informed within this closed network. This information is not shared with external parties.

The information that can be reported through the reporting point must enable companies to make a better internal risk analysis when accepting a customer and/or shipment (import/export; country of origin/destination; type of goods, etc.).

The name of a possible suspect will not be circulated in the network for privacy reasons. The description of the suspicious shipment and the parameters given must provide sufficient useful insight.

This reporting point in no way replaces the anonymous ‘Our Port Drug-Free’ reporting point; they are complementary to each other.

Download the fillable PDF that can be sent to the reporting point here.

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