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What is a FIATA SDT (Shippers Declaration for the Transport of Dangerous Goods)?

When ordering the dispatch of dangerous goods, the forwarder requires very precise information on their correct designation and classification according to the ADR for road transport, RID for rail transport and IMDG/IMCO for maritime transport. The subheadings of this classification appear on the reverse side of the SDT document.

This is a document which the forwarder must hand over in blank to his principal, the shipper. The latter shall return this duly completed and signed each time he is entrusted with the carriage of dangerous goods.

It should be noted that, in addition to this declaration of the dangerous nature of the consignment, the shipper must also give instructions regarding the measures to be taken in the event of an accident.

The form also draws the principal's attention to the fact that additional information must be provided for the purpose:

a)dangerous goods in limited quantities;
b)radioactive materials

In certain cases, an 'inclement weather certificate' or a 'packaging certificate' for containers/trailers is required. Usually these are drawn up on the basis of the SDT.

Where several dangerous goods are packed together in a common package, or are placed in the same container, the principal shall declare that this is not prohibited.

Purchasing FIATA SDT?

The FIATA SDTs can be collected or ordered from the FORWARD Belgium secretariat, Brouwersvliet 33 - 2000 Antwerp.

As these are documents which are given to customers in a blank form in order to facilitate their instructions, there is no reason to check their use or to record the sale of these documents in a register.

You can order the FIATA SDTs from the FORWARD Belgium secretariat via the online order form.

For additional information about the FIATA SDT, please contact the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.

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(excl. 21% VAT) each

Who may issue the FIATA SDT?

Only companies affiliated with FORWARD Belgium are authorised to purchase and issue the FIATA SDT in Belgium. Any other contradictory use shall be very strictly sanctioned.