The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association

Mission & vision

There is much movement in the logistics world. We are undergoing a real digital revolution, start-ups that aim to take over our jobs, digital forwarders, blockchain, robotization, drones, AI, etc.

As FORWARD Belgium, we feel it is our duty to provide the industry with future vision, offer information on potential opportunities and threats, and help ensure that we can continue to demonstrate our added value as a forwarding community.

We also have an important responsibility as a sector in the challenges related to global warming.

The transport and logistics sector represents more than a quarter of the final energy demand. Without restrictive measures, CO2 emissions in the transport sector could double by 2050 due to the growth in passenger and freight transport.

Sustainable logistics is the most important means of helping to achieve the objectives in the Paris Climate Agreement.

FORWARD Belgium aims to assist forwarders in this respect and is already offering them the opportunity to reduce CO2 emissions in their transport and logistics activities by at least 20% within a 5-year period.

Compliance is an important focus point for logistics service providers. By concluding cooperation agreements with the Customs Administration, VAT, Strategic Goods Department, etc., we set the standards and rules for the entire sector.

Our sector’s future lies in the hands of the millennials. FORWARD Belgium is strongly committed to promoting our sector to young people. We are therefore investing in the profiles we need to ensure the future of our profession.