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Forwarding Association

FIATA Bill of Lading – FBL

What is a FIATA Bill of Lading?

The FIATA BL is a combined or multimodal transport document of the "carrier type". The forwarder who issues an FBL acts as a "contractual" carrier, contractually because the contract is concluded for transport. This in contrast to the "actual" carrier; "actual" because the goods are actually carried. Nonetheless, it is possible that the Freight Forwarder may personally carry out part or all of the transport.

The FIATA BL is based on and complies with the UNCTAD/ICC-Rules for Multimodal Transport Documents (ICC publication n° 481).

The FIATA B/L can either be issued as an order (this is "negotiable") or as a “non-negotiable" document. In the latter case, the document must bear the clause “non-negotiable".

The FIATA B/L was created to be used as a multimodal transport document, i.e. to cover transports involving more than one mode of transport (road and sea/rail and road).

A forwarder acting in its capacity as "Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO)" is responsible for the load and for carrying out the transport.

The forwarder assumes responsibility not only for the delivery of the goods to their destination, but also for all carriers and subcontractors contracted by him to carry out the entire transport.

In addition to its multimodal transport document function, the FIATA BL can also be used as a maritime bill of lading or as a document for one mode of transport.

The use of a FIATA B/L for one mode of transport is based on the relevant Standard Conditions (1. Applicability).

The FIATA B/L can only be deferred within Belgium by effective members of FORWARD Belgium.

Purchasing FIATA BLs?

Users of the FIATA BL (reserved for members of FORWARD Belgium) must submit the following documents to the FORWARD Belgium secretariat:

1.Before their first purchase, the application to obtain the FIATA BL must be completed and sent to the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.
2.The insurance certificate (to be completed and signed by a broker/insurer).

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You can be insured directly with your own insurer or via AREX 21:

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(excl. 21% VAT) per set
(= 3 originals + 1 white copy)
(excl. 21% VAT) for any
additional copies

FORWARD Belgium must control the issued FIATA BLs and for this reason the white copy must always be returned to the secretariat after issuing the FIATA BL.

The FIATA BL sets are numbered and can be collected or ordered from the FORWARD Belgium secretariat, Brouwersvliet 33 - 2000 Antwerp.

You can order the FIATA BLs from the FORWARD Belgium secretariat using the online order form.

For additional information about the FIATA Bill of Cargo, please contact the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.