The Belgian Freight
Forwarding Association

Customs Compliance tool

Following the collaboration agreement between FORWARD Belgium & AAD&A, FORWARD Belgium now offers its members a compliance tool. This has been achieved together with an external provider and you will receive a cloud-based solution at a beneficial rate.

FORWARD Belgium members who respect the agreement demonstrate they are acting in good faith and enjoy preferential treatment by the AAD&A.

The aim of the compliance tool is to conduct user-friendly internal audits. Not only are internal audits and monitoring an important part of the AEO certificate, they are also a crucial element in the cooperation agreement with the AAD&A.

Based on the cooperation agreement, audit questions have been drawn up that apply throughout the sector. These controls have been integrated in the compliance tool.

The basic package includes two audits:

  • Inspection at procedural level (screening and acceptance of clients; monitoring the quality of the declaration process; professional competence; dual use, etc.)
  • Inspection at reporting level

By carrying out these internal audits periodically, you will gain an insight into your customs processes and demonstrate that your processes are managed properly.

If you are interested, please contact the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.