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Young FORWARD Belgium

Our core?

Young FORWARD Belgium is a committee that informs, involves and inspires young professionals in logistics services.

It offers young people the opportunity to make contacts and exchange experiences, allowing them to further develop their professional network.

In addition, the committee aims to focus on the personal development of its members and promote the sector to young people.


"As representatives of the Young FORWARD Belgium Committee, it is our mission to promote interaction between young & experienced professionals in logistics services. Mutual interaction with the FORWARD Belgium Board of Directors is essential in this respect".


The board of the Young FORWARD Belgium committee comprises:


Cédric Peeters

Customs Support NV


Cynthia Clauwaert

Haeger & Schmidt Logistics Belgium NV


Nicolas Lens

Antwerp Cargo Movers BVBA


The Young FORWARD Belgium Committee is open to all young forwarders who wish to become involved in the forwarding profession and sector. Would you like to join the Young FORWARD Belgium Committee? Do you have any questions? ... Don't hesitate to contact us.

Young FORWARD Belgium

Brouwersvliet 33 / Bus 1
T: +32 (0)3 233 67 86

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