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In-house support for FORWARD Belgium members

Given the continuing tightness in the labour market and the challenges for many companies to find suitable employees, investing in knowledge and training will become crucial in the coming years.

FORWARD Belgium has developed several best practices and model documents focused on the freight forwarder and customs representative profession. These focus on sector-specific recommendations, practical guidelines on how your operational staff can best deal with problems in the logistics chain, ways to increase compliance and reduce risks, use of model templates and standard contracts, ...

FORWARD Belgium wants to assist its members in this regard

Under the form of practical in-house Toolkits, FORWARD Belgium wants to assist its members.

1. A freight forwarder Toolkit taken from life

In this Toolkit, together with your staff, we will dwell on the current logistics & legal challenges (e.g. demurrage/detention discussions; the relationship with the various logistics partners; the legal status of the freight forwarder; the general Belgian forwarding conditions; basic concepts of customs; insurance; suspicious consignments reporting point, etc.).

2. A Toolkit for the freight forwarder outsourcing its customs activities (internal or external)

Freight forwarders & logistics service providers who outsource their customs formalities are increasingly seen as a 'customs intermediary' in the customs process' with responsibilities of their own. The argument of outsourcing customs formalities to a professional customs representative no longer applies to avoid all customs technical responsibilities. In this Toolkit, a practical expert discusses the necessary practical customs basics &the risks involved. The way of cooperation between freight forwarder and customs representative is also discussed in depth. finally, we consider:

- The process of screening and accepting clients.
- Freight forwarder checks on goods flows from its customer; value; origin.
- Control system for customs declarations made by customs representatives.
- Training and professional competence.

Target audience

* inside / outside sales

* operational staff

* finance staff

* employees of the claims/risk department

More info and session booking? 

Sessions are 2 hours per group of up to 15 people. 

A fee of €250 per hour per group is charged for this.

For white-collar workers employed under Joint Committee 226 (white-collar workers from international trade, transport and logistics), you can apply for a subsidy for this training at the LOGOS training fund. Check the LOGOS website for the regulations. For more information, you can send an e-mail to or by phone on 03 221 97 36. The intervention amounts to 20 euros /person / actual training hour attended.

If you would like more information or if you would have liked to book an in-house coaching session, please contact the FORWARD Belgium secretariat.  


"Our team members were pleasantly surprised by the well-documented and above all very focused exposure of the hazards in our challenging field of work. Various pitfalls were expertly discussed and our staff were given ample opportunity to discuss them in with their day-to-day experiences. Great job, we look forward to another session."

- AIT Worldwide Logistics Belgium -

"Thanks again for your presentation yesterday in our offices. Was well enjoyed by all participants!"

- Herfurth Logistics -

"I found it a very interesting course and delivered in a pleasant way. Good to hear such theoretical issues again. Although practice is often different, there were still some interesting things to revisit, or to arm ourselves a bit in the daily struggle with subcontractors etc."

- Herfurth Logistics -

"FORWARD Toolkit was really a hit. You get a lot of practical tips & tricks that can be applied immediately in day-to-day practice. Dry subject matter is spoon-fed in an easily digestible way. For one colleague this will provide a whole new layer of much-needed knowledge, while for another it will be a welcome refresher of existing knowledge. Highly recommended for every shipping department!!!"

- H. Essers -

"It's rare for a group to stay captivated listening for two hours, especially when it comes at the expense of the day's schedule. Today was an exception. The two hours were over before we knew it, due to a strong combination of a good story with clear concrete examples from practice. We actually learnt a lot, gained new insights and moreover we already know how we can approach things 'differently' and 'better'. Our questions were answered clearly and concisely in simple language with practical applications. We now know how to correctly interpret the subtle differences, now understand the distinction in risks and consequences based on the practical examples you gave during the presentation. To give just one example, respectful claims handling will now be able to be handled correctly faster, without fear of losing the customer or getting into endless discussions. The example sentences and letters will definitely be used! These two hours were a valuable investment, now we know what we can do in which way and in case of doubt we can consult the toolkit. We are already looking forward to your next inspiring info session Caroline!"

- AIT Worldwide Logistics Belgium -

“Through FORWARD Belgium, our Remant Coolers were able to experience a learning experience on the legal aspects of freight forwarding. We were made aware of the possible dangers on how to formulate things correctly legally and our specific questions were answered immediately. Nice to be able to put theory and practice side by side as well. Thanks again for the clear and pleasant presentation."

- Remant Cool Logistics -

"I just heard it said here: 'best training ever, to the point, workable, realistic and pleasantly delivered...' Thanks for being willing to do this for us and you have sharp insight into our staff, your judgement was correct, excellent sounding."

- Herfurth Logistics -